Genuine Oil | Liquid Gold for your business

The only oil with Mercedes-Benz know-how. Designed to interact perfectly with your engine.

Our oil ensures that the engine in your Mercedes can operate reliably in any season and in all weather conditions. Here it is essential for the oil to retain its flow characteristics and lubricating properties so that it can reach and protect the engine effectively from the moment you start the vehicle. The oil must not become too viscous or hard in cold weather, while evaporation loss must be minimised when the temperature outside soars. Mercedes-Benz genuine oil meets these requirements without any problems whatsoever and allows perfect lubricating properties from minus 30 to plus 260 degrees Celsius.

Liquid Gold for your business.

Genuine OilQuantityPrice:
10W40 MB228.5120 Litre container£65 + VAT
10W40 MB228.51210 Litre barrel£395 +VAT
5W30 MB229.51210 Litre barrel£410 +VAT
10W40 MB228.511000 Litre cube£1,800 +VAT
AdBlue210 Litre barrel£120 +VAT

While stocks last.  Only available from MBNI Truck & Van.  Prices exclude VAT.  Terms and conditions apply.