Free Visual Health Check

Every time you bring your vehicle into a Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer the technicians will inspect many different elements of your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz technicians inspect many different points on your vehicle during a Visual Health Check. And we do it for free. Helping to keep you safe, your vehicle roadworthy and reliable, and your business performing. Your Service Advisor guides you through the report, explaining the results. You then receive a competitive estimate, so you can choose to fix any issues that have arisen, there and then. 

When it comes to helping to keep your vehicle in its safest and most reliable condition, our technicians are the experts. That’s why, as the people who know your vehicle best, they carry out the diagnostic checks. With equipment designed by Mercedes-Benz. For your Mercedes-Benz. Plus, your vehicle is renowned for retaining its residual value. So keep your Visual Health Check reports as evidence of it being maintained by Mercedes-Benz technicians. 

Detecting any issue with a Visual Health Check can reduce vehicle downtime. Not to mention costs. And you don’t have to ask. We carry out the check to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and reliable, while you maintain a pro-active fleet risk management approach. Then there’s the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle network’s long opening hours, the best roadside assistance around with MobiloVan UK, and complete service contracts to maintain your vehicle from just £16* a month. So Mercedes-Benz support continues long after the Visual Health Check.

Interior inspectionhorn, washers, wipers, seat belts and parking brake
Exterior light inspectionLights and Lens
Exterior vehicle inspectionWindscreen, windows, exterior mirrors and wipers
Under bonnet inspectionBrake fluid, coolant, V belt, fluid leaks and battery
Under vehicle inspectionSteering, suspension and drivetrain check
Brake inspectionFront/rear pads, front/rear discs