Discover the new eVito 

Drive the electric future

100% Electric - Drive 93 miles on a single charge

With a range of 93 miles, this is more than enough when you mainly drive in the city and use the eVito for planned, often recurring rounds. With 3 driving programs and 4 recovery levels you can optimize the power consumption of the eVito.

Save costs

Save on fuel and taxes

In general, electricity is cheaper than fuel and the intelligent eVito driving unit is very efficient. How? The battery charges during downhill driving, so energy is not lost in the form of heat when you're pressing the brakes. What’s more, electric vehicles benefit from a favourable tax rate and are encouraged by E-mobility support programmes.

More space for your load:
-  Long  with 6.0m
- Extra long with 6.6mloading space

Fully charged in only 6 hours

- The capacity of the installed battery is 41 kWh and can be charged from 0 to 100% in approximately 6 hours.

- Charge the Vito with a wall-box or at a charging station using the appropriate cable. A variety of cables are available ranging from 4 to 8m in length.

- Thanks to its spiral shape, the cable is easy to handle at different distances between the vehicle and the Wallbox or the charging station.

- The cable comes with a handy zipped bag to store it between usage.

Safety first

The eVito has passed the same veicle and crash tests as the Vito with combustion engine. Therefore it meets all safety requirements at the exemplary level of Mercedes-Benz.

The new eVito comes with acoustic environmental protection.
A sound generator produces an audible signal at speeds up to 20mph. This means the silent eVito can be detected by pedestrians, cyclists and other road users at low speed.

Go green - Zero emission 

Since the power for the electric vehicle is obtained from alternative energy, you will drive 100% emission-free. This makes the electric motor future-proof from an economic and ecological point of view.

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